Apple unveil their new, voice-activated speaker, the ‘HomePod’

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Apple unveil their new, voice-activated speaker, the ‘HomePod’

Apple have just revealed their new home speaker, aptly named the HomePod.

The HomePod was first displayed during Apple’s annual developer conference in California, where the company also delved into details on iOS 11, new iPads, iMacs and MacBook Pro models.

This slick, voice-activated smart speaker has been given some serious big-ups from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who believes the HomePod will “reinvent home audio”. Big call, Tim.

Aesthetically speaking, the speaker has a fairly straight forward design, as seen below. But i guess the whole ‘voice-activated- thing is really what we care about, right?


The HomePod will start at $345USD when it drops this coming December. For more info, specs and all the juicy stuff, head to Apple’s website here.

In the meantime, watch Dillon Francis get angry because there was no iPhone 8 announcements.

(Via: FACT Mag)


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