Top 5 Riva Starr Tracks Ahead of His Return to Australia

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Top 5 Riva Starr Tracks Ahead of His Return to Australia

Promoters recently let slip that the legendary Riva Starr is about to Eat, Sleep and Rave on Australian soil once again.

There’s no denying the reign of Riva Starr has been long and prosperous: he’s dominated underground and commercial charts alike, worked with some of the biggest names on earth and held stages where mere mortals wouldn’t dream. Let’s put it this way: if he was in Game of Thrones, he’d beat Cersei’s ass to a pulp and there wouldn’t even be a need for dragons. To help celebrate his return Down Under and because we’re just super nice, we’ve compiled a list of our top five Riva tracks right now.

1. Riva Starr – Dippin (Original Mix)

Jackin’, slammin’, Dippin’. There’s no better way to kick off our list than with this absolute groover. What’s he Dippin’? Who knows, perhaps a cracker… In some hummus hopefully. Regardless, this is one track that will keep you moving. The hypnotic vocal and ambient electronic fill (which kind of resembles a fly buzzing around your ear) compliment what this track is really all about, its percussion. The only bad thing about this little number? There’s a high chance it will keep you glued to the dancefloor instead of talking to that cute girl/boy at the bar. Don’t worry, plenty of fish in the sea

2. Riva Starr – Another Dimension (Original Mix)

If you’re familiar with Riva Starr you’d probably know he doesn’t mind using a sample or two. When we heard the Italian stallion had a crack at a Beastie Boys tune, well it was hard not to get a little excited. The track is some of his most recent work which was released about a month ago on Seth Troxler’s record label Play It Say It. Sampling the legendary ‘Intergalactic’, this hard-hitting number is one for the night gremlins. Bear witness to Seth and Jamie Jones dropping it on the firebreathing spider stage ‘Arcadia’ at Ultra ">here (1:16:05).

3. Paul C & Paolo Martini – Rotation (Riva Starr Edit)

Remix time. Rotation is ‘the action of rotating about an axis or centre’ – and with a textbook rolling bassline, this track does just that. From the moment the bass comes in and until the last snare hits, you can sense the unimaginable amount of groove that was vibing in the Riva Starr studio during production. Simple and effective, it’s one of those tracks that could be turned into a ten-hour YouTube loop and you still wouldn’t get sick of it.

4. Riva Starr ft. Dajae – The Loft (Original Mix)

Stretching his wings of diversity, ‘The Loft’ opens those doors to a high energy, loud, sweaty, party… A house party even. The stabbing keys and a thumping kick are supported by what would soon become a hook that would be echoed at house parties for years to come because really, “there’s no party like a house party”.

5. Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr ft. Beardyman – Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat (Original Mix)

When a song gets rinsed for years, it’s fair that you may want a bit of a break. Add to said rinsed track with a bunch of ill fitting ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’ merchandise that you may or may not have owned on a drunken trip to Thailand (no judgement), and then you’ll really need some time off. Well my friends, this is the moment. Four years after its release and a mammoth eleven-million YouTube plays later, it’s finally time to listen once again. The track itself was inspired by a three-day bender and the vocals were recorded in one solid take. In total, the single only took two hours to smash out and then kicked around on Riva’s hard drive a year before being released. As you know how the story goes, once it finally saw the light of day, it proceeded to take over the world.

Tour dates:

Friday 26th May: Geisha Bar, Perth

Saturday 27th May: The Grand Wollongong

Saturday 27th May: Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Sunday 28th May: Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne

Sunday 28th May: Portsea Hotel, Portsea

Words by Stefanos Mak.


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