Sydney’s James Pepper Drops Hypnotic ‘Copenhagen’ EP

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Sydney’s James Pepper Drops Hypnotic ‘Copenhagen’ EP

James Pepper, a hidden gem in our music scene.

Sydney-based producer James Pepper dropped a beautifully crafted and mesmerising two-track EP recently, naming his release after Denmark’s remarkable capital Copenhagan. Complex yet flawless and breathtaking, I couldn’t think of a better EP title that lives up to its expectations.

What I like about this EP is that both tracks are unique and quite separate from each other in terms of characteristics and tones but at the same time they compliment each other deeply, going hand in hand and keeping the EP one solid unit.

Having said that, let’s get stuck into it!

First things first, we have the EP’s self titled track Copenhagan. Now this one is a belter. I can’t get over how incredibly catchy this tune is that I’ve actually been listening to Copenhagan on repeat while writing this article up.

Like all House & Techno, Copenhagan‘s got a consistent and pounding four on the floor groove but it’s that rolling bass synth and the shuffle of the hats that really define and bring the elements together in James Pepper‘s production. The hints of reverb and delay tailing off the hypnotic airy bell synths adds eeriness and somewhat a layer of sensuality to Copenhagan.

Next up we have City Of Cypress. 

City Of Cypress draws components from Techno and has a little bit of a European twist to it. James Pepper keeps it pretty clean and simple from start to finish. Rising atonal pads, vocal stabs, classic 909 claps and a blanket of warehouse vibes. with the two tracks joining forces, the EP itself becomes a bit of a weapon.

If this sounds like your kind of thing you can stream the Copenhagan EP below and if you REALLY like this EP you can cop it now via Finer Things Records


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