Soulwax share a heap of new music on their latest Essential Mix

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Soulwax share a heap of new music on their latest Essential Mix

As Pete Tong mentions at the start, BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix is well and truly living up to it’s reputation this week, going live with arguably the biggest mix of the year, courtesy of Soulwax.

The legendary music group have been away from the Essential Mix studios for 12-years, making this one of the most anticipated mixes in electronic music history. They certainly lived up to the hype.

Their two-hour long mix manages to avoid any tracks from their recent album, From Dewee, but instead takes the route of new music, wit Soulwax sharing a plethora of unreleased gems for our listening pleasure.

The mix is then launched into legendary status after the 1-hour mark, when it turns into a full-blown 2 Many DJs mix for the remaining time. Huge.

You can stream the full Soulwax Essential Mix right here, or below with the track list to go by.

Track List

Soulwax – Essential Intro
Soulwax – Essential 1-12
Asa Moto – Systema Naturae
Astarius – Ancient Times 1
Sammy Burdson – Disco Cola
Daevid Allen & New York Gong – Jungle Windo(w)
Kayanza – Salutation Akazéhé
Sheila E. – Koo Koo
Ghassan Rhabani – 2nd Reggae
Poligam – A-Dur-Funk
Klaus Weiss – Running
Roland Vincent & Jean-Pierre Lang – Le Trou Noir
Funky 4 + 1 – Rappin And Rocking The House
Crazy Bank – Up Down Push (Soulwax Edit)
Nina Scott – Drap De La Contrebasse
Klanken – Vier
Hossam Ramzy – Eshta
Lazlo – Hazard
Bobby Heath, Eric Peters & Robert Hunter – Power Grid
Voice of Authority – Stopping & Starting (Soulwax Edit)
Doxa Sinistra – Modern Age (Soulwax Edit)
DJ – Over Dose (Fear II)
Timmy Thomas – Funky Me
Kamikaze – Tokyo Rose
Osamu Mundi- Sexafari
Zohra – Badala Zamana (Soulwax Edit)
Jean Philippe – Midi
Waffles – Poland
Yannick Chevalier – Rhythm Tom Drums 2
Peder Mannerfelt – Request Line (Soulwax Edit)
Tristesse Contemporaine – Get What You Want
Whyte Horses – Feels Like Something Changing
Love Collection starring Jean Sharon – Papa Bully (Soulwax Edit)
Waffles – Croatia
Cornelius – Clap & Whistle & Walking
Klanken – Vijf
John Cravache – Paris Roswell
DJ Bert & Eagle – I Am Your Master

(Via: Dancing Astronaut)


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