Another Popular Sydney Venue Has Closed Down

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Another Popular Sydney Venue Has Closed Down

Sydney’s Zoo Project has today revealed it is calling it quits at their much loved Darlinghurst location.

The popular nightspot made itself known for it’s finely curated parties and loyal crowd that have flooded into the venue on a weekly basis, but – as it has happened with so many venues in Sydney’s CBD and Kings Cross areas – it is shutting up shop due to “many reasons”.

However, Zoo Project is hopeful to move the party to a new location, after assigning a team to help them make a smooth transition to a new home as soon as possible.

Read their full statement below:

It is with great sadness the news I share with Facebook today

Thank you all for supporting Zoo Project over the past 18 months , Sadly and Unfortunately due to many reasons as of next week, Zoo Project will no longer be the current location, We have appointed a new professional team to assist us with finding a NEW location. This transition may take sometime. However we are confident in finding a new venue very soon.
What once was safe place that many of us called home, is no more.
If they walls could talk they would scream “fuck yeah” because holy SHIT we had some awesome times, times that many of us will never forget, so let’s not. Let’s keep the legacy of this legend and keep it alive forever in our minds

Due to this situation we are postponing this week’s events, please stay tuned on our social media for updates.

To all of you who were apart of it, whether it was working, organising or simply just dancing. Thank you, without you it wouldn’t of been possible.

Here is hoping Zoo Project finds a new home on the ASAP. Head to their Facebook page for more info.


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