A ‘producer’ has been caught stealing music from the late Big Makk

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A ‘producer’ has been caught stealing music from the late Big Makk

In August of 2016, the electronic music community was shocked when Mad Decent’s Big Makk passed away suddenly in a car crash. Nearly 10-month after the legendary bass producer’s death and it has come to light that a ‘producer’ by the name of DJ GRIF8 has been passing off Makk’s music as his own.

This despicable act was brought to our attention on Twitter today, with numerous artists, fans and friends of Makk taking aim at GRIF8, who had released a track that was a sheer copy and paste job of Big Makk’s remix of ‘Imma Rock’.

The track has since been deleted, thankfully, but GRIF8 is yet to make any form of public apology or acknowledgement.

Listen to the original track here and show it some love. You can peep some of the Twitter outrage below. Not cool, GRIF8.



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