“100% Pure Cocaine” Cause of Two Deaths in The UK

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“100% Pure Cocaine” Cause of Two Deaths in The UK

Image credit: Urine Drug Test

Police in the East Sussex region of the UK have come forward to claim that a batch of cocaine, which is “nearly 100 percent pure”, was the cause of two recent deaths in the area.

In an official statement, Detective Inspector Neil Ralph revealed that “since April there have been a number of drug overdoses in the town and two drug-related deaths. We investigate all drug overdoses and drug-related deaths and look to identify who has supplied the drugs and seek a prosecution. This can be difficult at times because it is often the case the only person who knows the source of the drug is deceased.”

This tragic news comes, as it always does, with a severe warning to those that may think to put themselves in a similar situation. Education is key. People are always going to want to do drugs, let’s just make sure that they party safe.


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