LDRU Hints At A Much Anticipated Return From Carmada

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LDRU Hints At A Much Anticipated Return From Carmada

As one of Australia’s most prolific young producers, LDRU has been a constant buzz in our minds over the past few years; be it with his solo project and stellar collaborations or with his popular joint venture, Carmada, with fellow blonde haired chiller Yahtzel.

With his impressive new music video for ‘">To Be Free‘ currently soaking up the views online and a string of shows for Touch Bass kicking off this weekend, we thought we’d catch up with ol’ mate Drew, to spin some yarn and get some juicy music goss out of him.

Stoney Roads: Hey Drew, how the bloody hell are ya mate?

LDRU: Mate I’m more Tip Top than Wonder White.

SR: Last time we hung out, we played Forza on Xbox and discussed the link between small cars, P-plates and hotties. Do you think that link is still just as relevant two years on?

LDRU: It’s definitely still just as relevant, I don’t know what it is about a hatch back and hot chicks. I think thats why I drive a Corolla, people assume I’m a hot chick and give way to me.

SR: You’re a full time musician which is a pretty sweet gig. On your off days, what do you tend to get up to?

LDRU: Sometimes I do have to stop and pinch myself, Im pretty luck to be in the position i am. Days off generally consist of Surfing, sinking some VB with the boys and hanging out with the fam.

SR: You’ve been pretty busy since we last spoke and played a lot of shows here and there. What has been the wildest show over the past 2 years and why?

LDRU: Man theres been so many, its definitely hard to choose from. I think Byron Bay Falls has to be the stand out. We were running late from the airport and almost didn’t make the show, I got out of the car and ran straight up on stage to the biggest sea of cheering people I’ve ever seen in my life. That was an experience ill cherish forever.

SR: Playing the club circuit is a lot different to festivals. Which do you prefer and why?

LDRU: I don’t think I could choose between the two. Its like the Boobs or Bum debate, there’re both great… Don’t make me choose. Clubs are awesome because I get to be up close and personal with my fans and theres a little bit more freedom to try new things… But hearing thousands of people sing the words to your songs at festivals has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world.

SR: How much did your life change after being signed to Skrillex’s label?

LDRU: Thats for my side project Carmada with good friend Yahtzel. It’s definitely cool and has put us on the map internationally and given us some amazing opportunities to collab with different artists. OWSLA vibes are unreal good people good times.

SR: What are your top 5 tracks you’re listening to at the moment?


SR: Similarly, who are some up-and-coming Aussie artists we should all keep an eye on this year?

LDRU: Janeva. She’s been on the road with me performing Keeping Score for the last year and a bit. She just came out with her debut single on triple j unearthed and its amazing.

SR: We haven’t heard from Carmada in while… Will we be hearing something from you guys soon?

LDRU: Oh my man you will be hearing something real soon

SR: Are there any other Aussie artists you’d like to start a project with/collab with down the track?

LDRU: What So Not would be cool. Hey Emoh, call me!

SR: With that said, joint projects aren’t for everyone, but solo projects can be quite hard as well. How do you find doing both? Is it easier to make music as LDRU because it’s all up to you or does collaborating make things easier/better?

LDRU: I love collaborating with people because you can bounce ideas off each other and learn new things, When I’m working on my solo stuff I really enjoy working with singers and creating something from scratch.

SR: Touch Bass is about to kick off soon, for those who haven’t seen you play before, what can we expect to see from your shows?

LDRU: Have to come and find out.

SR: Any odd additions going on your rider for Touch Bass?

LDRU: I always ask for a hand written joke. My tour manager is trying to get me eating healthy on the road as well so I think its just full of weird protein bars now haha.

SR: The video clip to your tune To Be Free reflects on a lot of your accomplishments and your current lifestyle. Do you ever look at it and think that 5 years ago you wouldn’t have expected to be where you are today?

LDRU: Everyday. It’s really a humbling experience. I have worked hard to be where I am, but I would never of gotten where I am today with out the Australian music scene and the fans. I owe everything to my fans.

SR: You’re no stranger to collaborating. Which artist was your favourite to work with (producer and/or vocalist) and why?

LDRU: If I answer that question it might give away Carmada’s upcoming release.

SR: So what’s next on the cards for you? Are you working on an EP/album? If so, when can we expect it?

LDRU: I’m about to release an 8-9 track EP so clean your ears out for that one. Then I’m going to start working on an album

You can catch LDRU at Touch Bass that is kicking off this weekend. For you Brissy heads, be sure to head along to the afterparty at The MET on Sunday night, featuring WUKI, Noy and Jordan Burns among others.


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