Sydney Record Store Takes Aim At Major Music Labels

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Sydney Record Store Takes Aim At Major Music Labels

One of Sydney’s most respected record stores took aim at Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Australia yesterday, bringing up discussion over the major label’s decision to price their vinyl at such a high rate.

The Record Store put out a public post onto their Facebook page asking big labels to explain why they’ve repressed their artists music onto vinyl at an unreasonable price and how is it benefiting them especially when it’s promoting a decline in record sales.

They went on to attach a copy of an inbox they had received from a customer concerning the new Run The Jewels album.

Subject: Run The Jewels 3

Message: hey guys
i saw that you have a copy of rtj3 in stock….

is there any reason why its $90 ?

i don’t wanna sound like rude just seams expensive for a new lp


You can read the full post below via Facebook. Are vinyl prices getting too high?


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