Further Evidence Has Been Shared Revealing Marshmello’s Identity

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Further Evidence Has Been Shared Revealing Marshmello’s Identity

One of the biggest question marks in dance music may have just been settled.

We are of course referring to Marshmello, who has been the subject of much confusion and anticipation for the revelation of his true identity ever since he stepped onto the scene.

Just under a year ago, the Fake Producers Intelligence Agency (FPIA), shared a string of photos that made quite a strong argument that the unknown artist is actually LA-based producer Dotcom. See the Original post below:


BUT, despite being a strong argument, not everyone was convinced. However, while currently on tour in Australia, Feed Me shared a Snapchat that has all but confirmed the rumours. Naturally, FPIA was quick off the mark with this one, sharing this tweet below:


Pretty convincing now, right? Regardless of what you may believe, Marshmello has always claimed that identity is not important, instead people should focus on the music. We respect that, but everyone loves a good mystery, right?

You can catch Marshmello in action (with the mask on) over the next week. See tour dates right here.



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