Any Guesses How Long It Took Burning Man To Sell 30,000 Tix?

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Any Guesses How Long It Took Burning Man To Sell 30,000 Tix?

Burning Man festival is quite clearly readying for another giant annual sitting, after selling completely out of their 30,000+ tickets in 30-minutes!

This utterly insane response from the eager Burner taking to the Playa this year really comes as no surprise, with the globally recognised festival ever growing in popularity since opening to the public over 20-years ago.

For those who weren’t part of the first 30k to snag a ticket, you may still be in luck, with Burning Man’s organisers urging ticket hunters to use their Secure Ticket Exchange Program to purchase tickets from third parties. This program allows Burning Man to keep tabs on those selling tickets in a bid to avoid those nasty inflated ticket prices from scalpers.

Burning Man is set to kick off on August 27 and will run until September 4. For more info on the forthcoming event peep their website.

For now, lets kick back, relax and enjoy one of the many after-movie’s from over the years…


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