Worthy Embarks on “One on One” Tour

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Worthy Embarks on “One on One” Tour

Wrapping up yet another prolific year of upholding the esteemed Dirtybird BBQs to maintaining his own label, the head honcho of Anabatic Records and one of the four founding fathers of the Dirtybird Party, Worthy, is excited to announce his “One-on-One” tour, which will see host to a flock of special guests joining him on different dates across North America and span from his performance on Holy Ship all the way to Miami Music Week.

For this colossal 23-date tour set to kick off in early 2017, and stacked with an outstanding lineup, attendees are in for quite the show across the USA and Canada as this San Francisco bred DJ pulls all out all the stops to bring his signature forward rump shaking bass music that so many people have quickly grown to love.




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