Google May Be In Talks To Buy SoundCloud

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Google May Be In Talks To Buy SoundCloud

After a bumpy 2016, it looks like SoundCloud may be finding it’s feet in the hands of a unsuspected buyer.

The Berlin-based streaming giant is not hiding the fact they are looking around at foir buyers, after being in talks with competitor Spotify (which recently went south) as well as Twitter, however the latest news is that the internet kings over at Google are in the market for what SoundCloud has to offer.

The news has not been confirmed as of yet, however according to Music Business Worldwide, Google are not only interested but would only be spending half the $1 billion process tag SoundCloud initially asked for. Rough, but you wouldn’t say no to $500 mill!

The report also claimed that Sony, Universal and Warner all have ownership stales in SoundCloud. Interesting.

There is sure to more unfolding, so we’ll keep you up to date as it comes. Do you think this is a smart move from Google?

(Via RA + Music Business Worldwide)




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