Interview: Australia Is Seth Troxler’s Second Home

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Interview: Australia Is Seth Troxler’s Second Home

Without a doubt one of the biggest personalities in dance music, Seth Troxler is both hilarious and incredibly talented. He’s earned himself a reputation the world over for his antics and years of appearances at festivals, residencies and involvement with Circoloco, and skill as a selector. He’s back in the country this week playing a number of shows, including Subsonic and a Melbourne Circoloco show on Saturday. We were lucky enough to chat with the man himself about his visits to Australia, his love of cooking, and way more.


We understand you’ve been coming to Australia annually now for quite some time. Can you tell us a little about your experience with Australia, the people you’ve met, and the shows you have played over the years? Are there any standouts?

It’s been so long it seems like a second home. All the years touring with Future, as well as hanging at venues like Revolver in Melbourne, or Spice back in the old Sydney days. I’ve met some great DJ’s too: Marc Jarvin, Ben Fester… they are some of my best mates alongside newcomer Herman. I think Strawberry Fields the other year was kind of one of the best. And the Elsewhere crew in the Gold Coast.

Obviously Ibiza has also been a big part of your career and your residency at Circoloco/DC10, what does this residency mean to you? How has it helped shape your career in other markets?

Circoloco is really my home. I’ve been one of the main residents since it re-opened. The club gave me my first real platform to do my music and really spread my name internationally.

Outside of Australia and Ibiza, where is your favourite place to play?

Such a hard one… I love the UK, but every city has its charm and some of the best places to play really are in the middle of nowhere.

Aside from DJing, we understand cooking and food are quite a passion of yours. How has Smokey Tails been going? Where do you see it taking you ? Is this something you will move more focus into when you eventually finish DJing on such a heavy schedule?

I believe food is as big a part of life as music and love. Smokey Tails is doing great. It really is crazy to be working on something so different from music but with its own challenges. We really hope to expand and hopefully have a place in Oz sometime. Eventually I would like to focus on lifestyle stuff post DJ career.

We also noticed you had a very busy summer outside of music, you even managed to fit in a charity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro! How did this come about ? And how was the experience for you ? 

Mount Kilimanjaro was great. I went with an Australian charity called Cure Brain Cancer, and one of my closest friends here in Oz, John Winning from Appliances Online. The biggest thing really I took from the experience is every moment is our choice, every reaction, every feeling is our choice, and when we take responsibility for that we can really have full control of our experience here – and our own personal happiness.

Thanks for your time today, we’re really looking forward to your upcoming tour, some great shows there for Circoloco and Subsonic!

See you freaks on the dance floor.



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