Baytek Gets Grimey On New Track ‘Way Back When’

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Baytek Gets Grimey On New Track ‘Way Back When’

Baytek has been cementing his name as a G-House gun and his latest track is no different.

Heavy beats on that four-four kick and some cutting vocals, his latest cut ‘Way Back When‘ once again delivers goods, with the exclusive premiere of the track coming via the big guns over at Insomniac Events. The heavy-hitting offering sees Baytek enlist the help of a British banger, giving the tune a grimey feel, but not taking away from the heavy housey feel he’s always going for.

Baytek’s been a consistent producer throughout 2016 and his tracks have been getting a lot of traction, here’s hoping he can diversify it a little and really stamp himself as one to watch in 2017!

Check out his new track below, and tell us how you feel about it.


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