Sydney’s George Michelle shares punchy new track

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Sydney’s George Michelle shares punchy new track

Local producer George Michelle shared a blissful and upbeat new track and it’s exactly what we need for the mid-week.

Bending Knees Saves Time combines elements of 2-Step and UK Bass making his latest offering a punchy, catchy and well-crafted song. Bending Knees Saves Time kicks off into a solid thumping intro with a vocal sample rolling over to start things off with a bold statement. While sealing the beat with a classic ‘knocky’ Garage snare, George Michelle  brings in synths that mimic round wooden xylophones to create a beautiful sentimental melody that compliments the 2-Step groove.

Bending Knees Saves Time is a quality tune. Slip your headphones on, lay back and take it all in.


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