Porter Robinson & Madeon Clarify Their Collab Relationship

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Porter Robinson & Madeon Clarify Their Collab Relationship

This year was a big year for stellar producers Madeon and Porter Robinson. We saw the pair go on a massive American tour and release an incredible song together along with a phenomenal animation to accompany their single. Madeon and Porter Robinson teamed up for their Shelter project and labeled them as some of the most talented producers as well dance music’s favourite superduo.

The Shelter project questioned fans if the duo would form a permanent partnership…unfortunately it’s temporary and stunning fans even more was that in a recent interview, Madeon and Porter Robinson suggested that it will most likely never happen again.

Madeon and Porter Robinson confirmed that they would go separate ways after the collaborative project, focusing more on their own endeavours.

“What makes it special is that we’re gonna go back to our solo projects. We know that this is a transient moment and we are taking it all in and enjoying it immensely, but we know that once this is it, it’s it.” – Madeon

“From the start, we wanted everyone to appreciate this whole experience as something that was temporary, once-in-a-lifetime. We want the whole thing to feel like a blink. One single song, one single tour, and then it’s over.”  – Porter Robinson

Sorry guys. It’s disappointing news but over the next few years, we’ll definitely be hearing a lot more from these two.

Have a listen to the interview below and check out their smash single Shelter!


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