Porter Robinson returns with sublime new single ‘Get your Wish’

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Porter Robinson returns with sublime new single ‘Get your Wish’

Well well well, there must be something in the water with another mighty return to the electronic scene with geni Porter Robinson throwing his hat in the ring with a new single and forthcoming album due out sometime this year.

The new single “Get your Wish” taken from what will be his second LP ‘nurture’ is a beautiful electronic ballad that, based on the lyrical content talks of Robinon’s own struggles and probably explains his hiatus under the name since his album ‘Worlds’ way back in 2014 (not counting his kinda 90s/hardcore output as Virtual Self in the follow years).

How does it stack up? It really is just that, beautiful. Think ploddy chords, bubbly synths and vocoded vocals all shimmering and unwavering – made even better with the music video featuring Porter looking part sad boy, part rock head.

So yeah, no more details yet but don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted and in the meantime dive into the lovely clip below.


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