Interview: We Talk Spooky Movies, Soundtracks And ‘Bones’ With Mickey Kojak

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Interview: We Talk Spooky Movies, Soundtracks And ‘Bones’ With Mickey Kojak

The loveable and absurdly talented Mickey Kojak is back with a brand new offering, titled ‘Bones’.

The first official release following his debut EP earlier in the year, ‘Bones’ – an apt title for the current holiday season – is another vivid example of the broad, eclectic lengths of production the Sydney based producer can reach, while still maintaining a little familiar touch.

We caught up with our m8 Mickey during the week to chew off the fat off the ‘Bones’ about the new release (see what we did there?), and pick his brain on some spooky, Halloween topics!

We cover everything from from Twin Peaks’ soundtrack, the best Halloween villains, his musical range and what’s coming next then back again.

Click play on this doozy of a track from Mickey Kojak and dive into our conversation below:

SR: Now just in general, are there any albums that come to mind when you think Halloween?

MK: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”… haha. The album as a whole is so uplifting and fun though, not spooky at all. The first album by The Doors has always wigged me out a bit – it’s so sinister and brooding. The tracks “Alabama Song” and “The End” are warped and dark as hell.

SR: The artwork for your new track is very ‘Freddy Krueger’. Safe to say it has me spooked. Was that the aim with the glitchy, meaty, skeleton man?

MK: Definitely wanted to make something a bit off-kilter and weird to match the music. Album art is a tricky one. Visually representing something too literally always comes across as pure cheese. But then having too much metaphor and alluding to ideas can also become quite naff. The trippy colours are from a histology of this crazy type of bone staining. Combining that with the more literal skull structure instantly felt like the perfect middle ground.

SR: Musically speaking, you manage to keep us all on our toes with your releases. Every track you share is different and yo never really stick to a certain ‘sound’ like some do. Is there any specific reasoning behind this?

MK: I can’t really see the point in doing the same thing twice. There is such a huge opportunity to experiment and go crazy with all the technology that’s at our disposal, it’d be rude not to! Plus, the over-reaching element all of these tracks have had, have and will continue to have is that they’re coming out of my brain. To inhibit that because of a “sound” people may or may not associate to you would be ridiculous.

SR: A great example of your versatility is the Crash Bandicoot remix you uploaded a few months back. That was both hilarious and awesome. Are there any other video game themes you have/would like to rework?

MK: The entire soundtrack of the original Super Mario games is on the bucket list. There are some killer TV show themes to tackle as well. Having done the Seinfeld theme live and getting props Jonathon Wolff was a definite career highlight. Like, what else is there to do?

SR: Your debut EP dropped earlier in the year, but with ‘Bones; dropping today, are we right in assuming there may be a new project in the horizon? Can you hare any juicy details?

MK: There’s always new music on the horizon m8. There are a couple of tunes already in line for next year that I can’t wait to get out into the world. Plus The Tapes EP is due to drop November 11th. My insatiable desire for releasing music knows no bounds.

SR: Mickey, it’s always a pleasure. Congrats on the killer new tune. Let’s wrap this article up with a hard one: Who is your favourite halloween villain?

MK: Ghostface from Scream is numero uno. Catch ya later guys and gals xoxo.

Be sure to give ‘Bones’ a listen. You can find up the top or right here.


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