Burning Rose Go Back To Back With Morgan Wright’s ‘Tape One’

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Burning Rose Go Back To Back With Morgan Wright’s ‘Tape One’

Daaaaaamn Burning Rose, at it again with the quality releases! Last week we showed some deep and tasty goodness from Sydney local George Michelle, and today we’ve got the pleasure of introducing you to Melbourne’s own Morgan Wright, and his deliciously lax lo-fi sound.

Burning Rose have just released his EP Tape One on cassette, but are kind enough to have thrown it up on Soundcloud in case your car stereo doesn’t agree so well with the format. The entire release is comprised of compositions inspired by other media”, says Wright himself, and each of the four tracks on here is a journey through sound to say the least. With each running at between 5-8.5 minutes, you’re definitely getting some bang for your buck with Tape One.

‘Rendezvous’ and ‘Hamaca’ take things into a very atmospheric and spacey direction, making room to notice for the little subtleties in the changing synths and percussion. Real easy to get lost in. ‘Dexev’ is similarly atmospheric, but with some drum and bass style rhythm that would fit it perfectly anywhere in some huge festival sets.

‘Resolk’ is by far the release standout though. Super simple and groovy piano licks alongside a lo-fi synth and some sick beats? You would’ve had us sold right there, but it goes even further with a vocal sample that’ll be ringing in your ears for days to come.

It might not be for the reason you think, but we won’t spoil it any further.

Two huge releases in two weeks is big news for Burning Rose. What else could they possibly have up their sleeves? We’re keen to find out.


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