This Local Startup Makes Finding New Music Stupidly Easy

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This Local Startup Makes Finding New Music Stupidly Easy

Squareize is the breakout Sydney-based startup which allows you to essentially access all the relevant information about an artist (and often, the label which uploaded the song,) when watching web based video.

It works by you first downloading the Google Chrome extension, and deploying a little green square next to basically any video content you watch on the net. The extension looks like it will be especially utilised by music and film bloggers, with info on certain artists popping up on the side, leading you to their socials, lyrics, tour dates, streaming availability and more. It’s all right there. See below for a visual run down.


Squareize says they want to help you “seek out artists wherever they reside, seek fresh perspectives, get inspired,” which sounds just dandy. Click here to see their website and download the extension.

Don’t forget to let us know if you think they’re living up to the hype.


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