Snakehips Get Smooth Rework From Sydney’s MXXWLL

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Snakehips Get Smooth Rework From Sydney’s MXXWLL

The popular collaborative effort from Snakehips and ZaynCruel‘ has received a soothing, down-tempo remix from MXXWLL.

The edit is synth heavy, brooding offering that sees MXXWLL chop up the Zayn vocals and rearrange them on top of the reworked instrumentals to create a very pleasant, stand-alone remix that could pretty well pass as a brand new track.

MXXWLL – a local beat-smith out of Sydney- actually toured with Snakehips back in July when they came back down under, where it is likely the remix began it’s formation, and we’re very glad that it did.

Listen to MXXWLL’s remix of ‘Cruel‘ below, and enjoy.


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