Lockout Law Review Has Finally Been Published

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Lockout Law Review Has Finally Been Published

The Independent “Callinan review” of the liquor and lockout laws has finally been released to the public.

The highly anticipated, 151-page review – which was originally set for release in August – has finally been published today and has some ups and downs, as expected. Here are some key points in Callinan’s conclusion to take away:

“For a trial period of 2 years, genuine entertainment venues in the Precincts might be permitted to open to enable entry to those parts only of those venues offering live entertainment to the capacity of those parts only until 2am, and to serve alcohol in those parts until 3.30am so long as live entertainment is being generally continuously offered throughout the evening until then.”

They added that “a relaxation of the Amendments to this effect may go some way to an orderly restoration of vibrancy and employment opportunities in the Precincts. It needs to be understood again however that such a relaxation carries the risk of greater density and consumption of more alcohol in the Precincts. It needs also to be understood that relaxing the Amendments, even in this way, involves risk.”

On the topic of takeaway alcohol, they write “the sale of takeaway alcohol, whether before or after 10pm, makes little or no contribution to violence and anti-social behaviour in the Precincts, even less so when it is home delivered. Extension of the hours of sale of takeaway alcohol at licensed premises could be extended to 11pm, and of home delivered liquor to midnight.”

The lockout laws that were set in place in early 2014 as a result of violence in the Kings Cross and CBD areas, have drained Sydney of it’s night time economy, resulting in the closure of once popular nightspots, restaurants and bars, effectively turning Sydney into a ghost town.

You can find the full Callinan review right here (jump to page 10 for the conclusion points). Is this the response you were hoping for?


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