Four Tet To Speak At London City Hall On Fabric’s Closure

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Four Tet To Speak At London City Hall On Fabric’s Closure

Renowned UK producer Four Tet (Keiran Hebden) has been invited to London City Hall to speak on the closure of popular club, Fabric.

During the outrage from electronic and nightlife communities that ensued after the famous nightspot’s shock closure earlier in the week, Hebden – who has been quite vocal about the situation – Tweeted at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying “he is failing right now” in allowing this to happen.

There was no public response from Khan, however Four Tet announced later that he was contacted by the Mayor and invited to speak his mind on the issue at City Hall.

This surprising invitation from London’s Mayor comes just a day after the shocking news that Fabric’s closure was actually a shady move from the Government.

As for now, there is no date set for Four Tet’s speech, however we will continue to update this article as reports come in.

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(Via FACT)



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