This Is The Science Behind Dubstep

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This Is The Science Behind Dubstep

James Humberstone is a music lecturer and composer who is here to show the way, the truth and the light; and by that of course, we mean ‘The Science of Dubstep.’

It’s no secret that Dubstep is the weird uncle of the electronic music world, however, it seems that there is a method to the madness. Humberstone demonstrates this in his Ted Talk which was first posted on Youtube back in May and recently shared in an electronic music thread on Reddit.

In the video, Humberstone sets the audience a ‘compositional challenge’ as he guides them through a Playschool-esque guide to producing Dubstep. Humberstone makes his point that “music itself is extremely important, not just because an individual sound is so incredibly interesting, but because in a piece of music where we organise lots of sounds together, we are actually thinking completely abstractly. Unlike other arts, we can’t see things, there aren’t concrete things to hold onto, it’s sound passing through time.”

We won’t spoil it for you; watch the action below.

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