Steve Aoki Says He Will Live Forever… Literally

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Steve Aoki Says He Will Live Forever… Literally

Dim Mak label-head Steve Aoki has revealed he is immortal, apparently.

During the highly anticipated Netflix Original documentary titled ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead‘, the 38-year-old electronic music mogul announces that he is well and truly looking into the concept of immortality.

If you still think this is a piss-take, then listen to this. During the film, Aoki goes into detail about what will happen when he passes, saying his dead body will be given to the Alcor Life Extension Program. The program will preserve his body in low temperature conditions, maintaining his corpse and organs while they work on possibly reviving him.

From here, he moves onto the topic of “digital mortality”, elaborating that technological advancements could result in his consciousness being uploaded to a computer. Is anyone else thinking about Futurama’s celebrity heads right now?

Steve tips his hat to futurist Ray Kurzweil for giving him the idea to never shuffle off the mortal coil. Cheers, Ray!

As odd and hilarious as this all may sound, it is certainly no joke to Steve Aoki, who has already splurged over $220,000 and a legally binding contract with Alcor Life Extension Program. Wow. But considering Steve is one of the ten richest DJs in the world, I’m sure if anyone can fund immortality it is him.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead‘ is out on Netflix now. It’s definitely one to watch.

(Via Mixmag)



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