Porter Robinson and Madeon release new track ‘Shelter’ and announce live tour

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Porter Robinson and Madeon release new track ‘Shelter’ and announce live tour

Porter Robinson and Madeon have been good friends for a long time now, so it only makes sense that a collaboration was on the cards, but the two surprised fans this morning by releasing their new track ‘Shelter’, AND announcing a joint live tour.

Here’s the announcement taken from Porter Robinson’s newsletter:

It’s been a while, i hope you’re well. i’ve been working on so so so much music (and other projects!) lately and feeling happier and better than ever.


madeon and i have been friends for almost a decade now. long since before either of us had even the beginnings of a career in music, we were still sending demos back and forth and competing with each other.

we’ve charted a pretty similar path and influenced each other tons along the way, but hadn’t really worked together – and after our respective albums came out we realized that we really wanted to make music and go on tour. we talked lots about it and we felt our respective sounds, live shows and discographies would combine really well.

so i flew to hugo’s beautiful studio in nantes and shelter came to be. (!!!)

we wanted to make sure everyone could listen to this, so it’s on spotify, soundcloud, apple music, youtube, everywhere.

very very excited about the next coming months!

please enjoy,

What do you guys think of the new track? I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed… there wasn’t really any epic feels that a Porter song usually evokes (and I’m a die-hard Porter fan). Dare I say it’s a little bit boring?



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