Boys Noize Shares Exciting Insight On Reddit AMA

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Boys Noize Shares Exciting Insight On Reddit AMA

Boys Noize has opened up to the fans over the weekend, partaking in an exciting Reddit AMA that has left us all rather excited for what is on the way from the German producer and his friends.

While he was flooded with quite a broad range of questions, the Boysnoize Records don gave insight to a few topics that certainly had eyebrows raising. One of the more exciting topics is the prospect of more Dog Blood work between him and Skrillex.

When quizzed why the pair stopped releasing music under the collaborative alias, Ridha said “Sonny and I have talked about it so we’ll see… For me, it’s important to be in the room with people I make music with.”

See the full answer below.


Ridha was also asked the almost stock-standard question of advice for up-and-comers, to which he handled quite elegantly with “do your thing, create your own sound, and follow your heart. He even repeats it twice for slow learners.” Can’t argue with any of that.

One of the other more exiting pieces of news to take home from the AMA was his confirmation of Gesaffelstein’s album, which you can read up on in full right here.

Some other interesting revelations include:

  • All time collab wish: Prince
  • He doesn’t consider himself a ‘techno head’
  • There’s a new Handbraekes EP on the way.

Check out the full AMA interview over at the r/Music subreddit.


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