WeDidIt’s Swan Lingo Shares His 5 Most Nostalgic Tracks

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WeDidIt’s Swan Lingo Shares His 5 Most Nostalgic Tracks

Swan Lingo is a name to remember.

The Washington DC based artist recently shared his debut EP ‘Spirit Plug‘ via L.A based collective WeDidit, home to Shlohmo, RL Grime and Groundislava among others.

Unlike his new label mates, Swan Lingo presents a more lo-fi, muddy approach to his production, infusing his own vocals into his tracks that create quite a nostalgic, analogue sound.

With that, we caught up with Swan Lingo to pick his brain on the topic of his favourite, nostalgia driven songs.

1: Beach Fossils – Youth

This song used to be the first thing I listened to in the morning making breakfast while smoking a cig & listening to molly & aquafina.

3: Hibou – Above Us

It’s so surreal listening to this song while riding my bike around DC for hours like I was a tourist.


4: Alex G – In My Blood

I feel like I’m at a basement house show whenever I listen to this song thinking who is this guy and his music is so great.

5: Bob Marley – How Many Times

Bob always bring my heart back to where it needs to be after i face the world and want to wine down my day.

Be sure to check out his debut EP ‘Spirit Plug‘ right here.


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