Least Secret Cave Party Ever Gets Announced

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Least Secret Cave Party Ever Gets Announced

When you think ‘secret cave party’, you probably think of a fairly intimate crew of gung-ho party goers who are there for the love of music and privacy from the authorities, right?

Well that doesn’t seem to be the way Bondi based party crew The Socialites tend to do things, with their upcoming not-so-secret event reaching literally tens of thousands of people after going live LAST NIGHT!

If you were lucky enough to get an invite to their latest soirée, you’ll find yourself amidst a guest list so chock-a-block that if you actually managed to get all of these people in one place at one time, it’d give Daenarys’ army of Unsullied soldiers a fair crack, and that’s being generous.

So lets do the numbers. The total number of people who have clicked attending to this low-key, intimate event is upwards of 4,500. Sound excessive for a ‘secret cave party’? Well the ‘Invited’ list caps that with a whopping 5,300 people. Impressed? Don’t be, because these numbers shy away in comparison to the ‘Interested’ list of potential attendees, that has reached a gargantuan 15,000 people.

I take that part back about defeating Daenary’s army, with these numbers you would easily conquer Westeros as a whole; White Walkers included.

So with half of Bondi in attendance, the only real question I have is which ‘secret cave’ do they plan on hosting this party? Have The Socialites come across a giant crater somewhere between Bondi and Tamarama that they’re keeping to themselves? Very Interesting.

The other issue these social folk will likely face is the one thing ‘secret’ parties do their best at avoiding – the authorities.

With nearly 25,000 people reached in one day after their public (but don’t forget, it’s secret) event went live, it goes without saying they will likely be shut down very quickly. But don’t fret, once you give them your email, I’m certain you’ll find out about all the future shin-digs The Socialites plan to host.

So with all that said, who’s going?



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