Spenda C Shares Top 5 Australian Rap Records!

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Spenda C Shares Top 5 Australian Rap Records!

Words by Spenda C

When you hear the term “Aussie Hip Hop” you probably think of a bunch of white blokes rhyming over a funky swing beat with a sing-songy girly chorus hook chucked in the mix too right?

Well the times they are a changin’! There is a ground swell of Australian rap artists throwing away the formula and doing things their own way. Here are 5 of my favourite heaters right now.

1: MIDAS.GOLD – 000000

Brisbane based Midas.Gold dropped this debut effort on his Unearthed page at the end of 2015. Midas’s flow sits somewhere in between Future and Desiigner but is definitely his own. For a while I had been wondering where all the Aussie rap, not Aussie Hip Hop, but Aussie RAP records where at? Once I heard that hook and that hard AF 808 beat I knew that more stuff like this had to be out there!


The next artists I came across was Sydney based vocalist Big Skeez. Skeez has an instantly recognisable sound and style. Heavily auto tuned but in the best Kanye-esque way possible. He actually sings through the auto tune as he records which allows him to control the effect and use it to create his signature sound. This track just keeps on giving though with Dom Rahmeel spitting a UK tinged, almost grimey verse then Jimbo Slice brings it home with a proper Aussie accented assault. Let It Go is a perfect slice of where Australian rap and hip hop is at right now!


Originally from South Africa, Shadow is now based in Perth doing big things in the Aussie Grime scene. Shadow goes hard AF over the classic Rhythm & Gash beat made famous partially by the likes of Skepta and Tempa T. If someone played you this in their car at first you would think it was straight out of South London but as the track goes on you can hear that slight Aussie twang starting to kreep in. Shadow drops his “Grime Down Under EP” start of July 2016 so watch out for that one!


I’ve had this song stuck in my head ever since the video dropped last week. That vocal hook floating around in that eerily dark guitar riff over some really tight beats from HFNR make for a really unique track. After hearing this I went out and bought Kwasi’s The Golden Voyager EP that he dropped about a year ago on his Bandcamp. It’s a solid EP and Kwasi’s skill as an MC and lyrist are first class but I keep coming back to Fast Lane as a stand out favourite from the Melbourne artist.

5: X & HYPE – FO THE LUV feat. KILL J

TBH I don’t really know too much about X & Hype other than they make cool as fuck rap music. Everything about this track is pure perfection. As soon as the beat starts it hooks you in and before you know it you have a new favourite song and when the song ends you’re sad because you wanna hear more then you press replay and the joy begins all over again.

You can catch Spenda C bringing the heat on Friday night at The Met in Brissy!


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