Seth Troxler is opening a ‘Discovery’ Bar in the party capital of the world

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Seth Troxler is opening a ‘Discovery’ Bar in the party capital of the world

On July 7 and 8 Seth Troxler will be taking Ibiza party goers on a journey through time and space to discover art, music, dance, and BBQ.

Partnering with Absolut and muralist RUN, Troxler has created a vision between two worlds of modern technology and ancient mythical civilizations where guests are asked to question our current trajectory.

Tomorrow Today is the latest in a series of Absolut Art Bars highlighting some of the worlds most exciting talent and breaking down boundaries within the arts.

“My approach to curating the Absolut Art Bar was to create a space that emphasizes discovery, participation, and communal interaction.  We wanted to communicate the idea of a found reality, a newly discovered way of life in a world similar to our own, that’s undefinable by time, while seeming slightly futuristic. One thing I’ve found with all my travels is that every culture in the world starts communication and bonding with food, drinks and music. We wanted to create an environment that entices people to step out of their boundaries and into our mini immersive world that is Tomorrow, Today“, says Seth Troxler.

The music line up, one-of-kind cocktails and menu, from his Shoreditch restaurant Smokey Tails, are all curated by the master mind Troxler himself.

Street artist RUN (born Giacomo Bufarini) has created a series of murals in his signature style that will be present in the venue throughout the event. His works draw inspiration from anthropology, the human form and his world travels as well as the underground Italian street art community.  Seth Troxler and RUN also collaborated with ATO (Louis Castro) who will create an immersive light installation for Tomorrow Today.

If you happened to be in Ibiza this July, this is one not to miss.

Check out the teaser clip



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