Say Goodbye To Recording Gigs On Your iPhone

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Say Goodbye To Recording Gigs On Your iPhone

Ask anyone what they dislike the most about live music events and they will all likely argue that the blue0light glare of an iPhone screen being whipped out on front of them is at the top.

As a globally recognised cause of butt-hurt,  it seems oPhone recording may soon become a thing of the past with the introduction of a new Patent via Apple.

How does this happen you ask? Apple has been given the patent to utilise the smartphone’s infrared technology to create buffers that are mounted on the stage that would block your iPhone camera from both recording or taking photos when aimed towards them.

See below for a digestible example:

Apple has not yet confirmed whether or not they will be going ahead with this, with the patent application originally being filed in 2011, and then again in 2014.

Whether or not this happens in the near future, their will certainly be road blocks for this kind of plan that would be in place, however the simple fact that this is a possibility will definitely please and annoy a lot of us out there.

What do you think? Should iPhones be blocked from filming at gigs?

[Via FACT]

Image via Chad Mckenna


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