Introducing The Tapes, familiar faces starting a new chapter!

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Introducing The Tapes, familiar faces starting a new chapter!

If you consider yourself a bit of an Aussie dance music buff, you likely know of a young fellow named Mickey Kojak. You may also know of a soulful two-piece names La Mar, and of Andrew, the man behind the production.

Well, if you do – which you should – then you will be excited to see that Mickey and Andrew have come together on a new project, The Tapes.

After a retro, VHS teaser video aired last week, heads were turning towards The Tapes, and as it turns out, for good reason. The first offering from The Tapes, titled ‘At All‘, is a soothing, melodic track that blends two extremely skilled producers to create a blissful musical mid-point.

As two¬†classically trained musicians, Mickey Kojak and Andrew Grant truly finesse their knowledge of production with this debut single, wrapping it all up with some gentle vocals from Mickey that drift along throughout the track’s entirety.

Listen here:

Dig it? Well this is the first of more to come, with a self-titled EP on the way that we can expect before the year is out!



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