What’s On This Weekend: Vivid Sydney Opening Week!

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What’s On This Weekend: Vivid Sydney Opening Week!

We’re back again with the ins-and-outs of Sydney nightlife with a special Vivid LIVE edition of ‘What’s On This Weekend’.

As most will know, the annual event is a culmination of the arts, with live, vibrant installations scattered throughout the CBD and Circular Quay and an array of music events that provide the audio stimuli for this very visual festival.

The Vivid opening weekend is just a day away, with a chunky line-up of gigs throughout the city in celebration. Here are some of the electronic music friendly events we will be getting around to!

Friday 27 May

Make Me VIVID SPECIAL Reunion ft. Illya, Ricky and Ben KorbelMake Me Vivid

Goodgod Super Club ft. Bradley Zero (4hr set) [Henry Rowe’s pick]Goodgod ft Bradley Zero

Vivid Opening Party ft K.I.M (The Presets) [Doe’s pick]
CLUB NIGHT #7 Ft. Tom Moore (Otologic/Animals Dancing), Simon TK, Andy Webb
MOTORIK x VIVID ft Locked Groove
BANQUET 270516 ft. Milwaukee Banks ‘Deep Into The Night’ Album Tour

Saturday May 28

Goodgod Super Club ft. Oneman (4hr set) [Tony Not-A-Snitch’s pick]
Father x Flux ft. Sh?m [Josh Anderson’s pick]

 Sunday May 29

House of Mince 5th Birthday ft. Boris [Nick Forrest’s pick]
House of Mince


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