Spotify has a new streaming champion

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Spotify has a new streaming champion

If the glorious close-up didn’t spell it out for you, the artist is Drake.

Champagnepapi has become the most streamed artist on the popular streaming service, racking up a total of 3,185,045,281 plays.

With this, Drake has become first rapper to top the Spotify streaming chart, as well as overtaking fellow countryman, Justin Bieber, who is sitting on a measley 3,175,636,461 (10 million plays less than Drizzy).

So, who is chasing the top spot in the dance music world?

The closest rival to Drake from the electronic spectrum is (typically) Calvin Harris, with 1,616,288,894 plays, followed closely (kind of) by the recently retired Avicii.

Here are some other dance artists raking in the plays, courtesy of data buff Kworb.

Ellie Goulding -1,338,212,589
Kygo – 1,181,405,889
David Guetta (sigh) – 1,135,771,825
Major Lazer – 1,088,473,024
Robin Shulz – 901,884,840
DJ Snake – 659,318,822
Diplo – 577,464,390
Skrillex – 522,511,319


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