Relive Every Bang Gang DJs Mix Right Here

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Relive Every Bang Gang DJs Mix Right Here

Update: Links getting SLAMMED, bookmark and give it a whirl in an hour or so.

Update update: new download links are live

Every once in a while there is a discovery so great, that the world stands still. Like Prometheus bringing the fire of the gods down to mankind, or Indiana Jones finding the arc of the Covenant. Today, we’re pleased to be able to bring you a discovery, of the same, if not greater importance. We’ve happened upon, or struck gold, or whatever kind of verb you want to use which means we’ve found something great, something great.

Some absolute legend has compiled a Dropbox folder full of every Bang Gang DJs mix, and they’re all available to download. If you’re furrowing your brows and asking “why should I care?”, obviously you don’t know who they are. Legendary Sydney DJs Gus Da Hoodrat, Jaime Doom, DJ Damage and the late Ajax made up the Bang Gang, at a beautiful time where electronic music was moving in crazier and more interesting ways day by day. Take a step back in time, and experience them again, or for the first time, all at your fingertips, HERE.

We Transfer – Download
Mediafire – Download (coming soon)
Dropbox – Download (if it returns)


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