Pill Testing Gets The Go Ahead In Aus, Minus One State

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Pill Testing Gets The Go Ahead In Aus, Minus One State

It looks as though logic is starting to win.

Pill testing has been given the all clear to go ahead at music festivals across Australia – except for NSW.

Surprised? Lets be real, of course not.

Dr. David Caldicott – the man behind the push for pill testing in Australia – says “we continue to progress”.

“We’ve got funding. Meetings with law enforcement have been face to face and in more than one jurisdiction outside of NSW.”

He has not yet revealed which particular jurisdictions they are, but explains “There are very senior police supporting us currently. There are very senior politicians supporting us currently. We are now working out how we can have a system in place for the forthcoming festival season.”

So what will this mean?

Basically, if you intend to bring ecstasy to a music festival and want to be sure you aren’t consuming rat poison, you can have the pills tested to find out what they are made up of. This is part of Dr. Caldicott’s “early warning” system that will shed light upon dangerous products going around and in turn stop the chance of the worst case scenario occurring.

Of course, when this topic was first brought to NSW Premier, Mike Baird’s table, he turned it away, claiming it was simply “illegal”. When contacted for a more current view on the topic, a spokesperson from the NSW Government said their position on pill testing had not changed.

What’s it gonna take, Mike?

For more, read here.

[Source: Fairfax Media]



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