Ecstasy and MDMA are stronger now than ever before!

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Ecstasy and MDMA are stronger now than ever before!

Words by Jake

Disregard what the older heads have been telling you, it looks like pingers are getting stronger than ever.

The BBC reports that Ecstasy and MDMA are currently amidst a resurgence in popularity within society, and that – in contrast to what everyone thinks – the pills are getting stronger.

A report by the EMCDDA states there has been a “recent resurgence in use of MDMA in Europe and increased availability of high-strength MDMA tablets and powders.”

Harry Shairo, editor of Drugwise, spoke with the BBC on the topic of super-strength, half-scored pills that are all the buzz at the moment. He said “It seems a bit perverse to make an extra strong batch of ecstasy tablets that you can break in half deliberately.”

“The average dose is around 75 to 100 milligrams per pill, but there has been ecstasy on the streets that has been double that and more. The powder and crystals can be stronger than the tablets too. That’s also combined with a new generation of users not exposed to the harm messages of the eighties and early nineties.”

With this said, we do NOT condone taking drugs. But with the popularity of ecstasy and MDMA on the rise within society it os obvious that some people will take them, in which case we stress that you be careful with what you put in your body!

[Source: YFH]



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