Kraftwerk Just Announced The Tour Australia Needs!

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Kraftwerk Just Announced The Tour Australia Needs!

Kraftwerk has announced that they will be touring the United States, with a bunch of shows which will feature their 3D concert experience.

Beginning in September, the nine-show tour is sure to have Australian fans like this writer frothing at the mouth over here on the other side of the world. (OK – Perhaps I can’t hold a candle to one particular father-son duo.)

It’s not like Kraftwerk, a supergroup which is made up of four guys from Germany, don’t have plans to be all over the place very soon. This tour will follow a show in Oslo in August as well as plans to make appearances in Italy, Poland, and Sweden.

C’mon Kraftwerk, you missed a spot – down under.

Let us know if you are as keen to get them over here.


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