NSW Government and Anti-Lockout Activists Will Meet To Discuss Sydney Nightlife

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NSW Government and Anti-Lockout Activists Will Meet To Discuss Sydney Nightlife

Government officials have announced they will finally be meeting with activists to discuss Sydney nightlife.

Last month over 15,000 people gathered in the CBD of Sydney to rally against the suffocating of Sydney’s nightlife at the hands of the lockout-law, and it seems the Government has (finally) started to crack.

Keep Sydney Open – the organisation behind the rally – is among those who have been invited to join in on the discussion at the “night-time economy roundtable”, in a bid to devise a potential plan to reignite Sydney’s once thriving nightlife.

The NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Justice and Police, Troy Grant, says “Everyone wants a safe and vibrant night-time Sydney economy. This is an exciting chance to work together.”

Well it’s a bout damn time, Troy.

The Greens on the other hand believe this is all clear proof that the protesting and constant pressure is working.

“Minister Grant seems to be singing a very different tune,” said party spokeswoman Jenny Leong. “[We] have said from the start that it’s essential that local communities are involved.”

The discussions will be broken into three meetings, the first of which being held in a few weeks on March 31, where the main problems of Sydney nightlife will be brought up and spoken about.

From here, solutions to said problems will be developed at the two later meetings on April 28 and May 19.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that “The results of the consultation will be provided to former High Court Justice Ian Callinan, who is leading an independent review of the state government’s lockout legislation.”

“Mr Callinan’s review is expected to be finished in August.”

So, do you think we may be seeing the end of the nightlife choke-hold this year?

Click here to see our photos from the rally!


[Source: Sydney Morning Herald]





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