NGHTMRE Talks Upcoming EP, DJing in Vegas And His Top Plug-Ins

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NGHTMRE Talks Upcoming EP, DJing in Vegas And His Top Plug-Ins

Over the last year, NGHTMRE has established himself as nothing short of a sensation, with tracks like Street and Gud Vibrations becoming mainstream hits. His signature and complex style has gained him plaudits from the likes of Skrillex, Diplo and Porter Robinson among others.

Having recently produced a track with trap kings Flosstradamus titled, “Lighters Up”, NGHTMRE was asked to join them on their Australian tour. I got to ask him a few questions regarding his upcoming work, his upbringing and his fear of performing. This is what he had to say:

JA: You’re about to embark on tour around Australia with Flosstradamus’ and Troyboi, what was it like hearing that you’d be joining them?

NGHTMRE: Well I’ve been a fan of the Floss guys for a long time and over the past year fallen in love with Troyboi’s music as well. After Floss and I finished our track “Lighters Up” they mentioned we might be able to do a tour together in Australia. So amazed and blessed that it actually came together. If you know the guys, you know they’re great people to be around, always positive energy which is what I’m all about.

JA: Do you feel growing up in North Carolina impacted your music style at all? If so, in what way?

NGHTMRE: Yeah I would say so. I was always listening to old rock n roll and alternative rock music growing up which made me really want to play drums. I took lessons for Piano and Drums and I think the knowledge that I gained from those lessons really helps a lot when I’m writing dance music.

JA: Growing up you also listened to a lot of alternative rock and indie music, what got you into dance music and made you transition?

NGHTMRE: I first got into it because I was hearing mash ups all over the place. Artist like Girl Talk would mix an old rock song that I loved with some other pop song or hip hop track and it really sparked my interest in production.

JA: In terms of upcoming music, are there any projects or collaborations in the works that fans might be able to see in the near future?

 NGHTMRE: Definitely lots of collaborations. I am releasing a solo EP over the next month or so and then will be focusing on getting all the collaborations out. I’ve got tunes with Flux Pavilion, Loudpvck, Ghastly, and many more I can’t announce yet 🙂

JA: You just announced your residency at Wynn in Vegas, whats it like DJing in a Vegas casino club?

NGHTMRE: It’s pretty amazing. Its an incredibly elaborate venue its awesome just to go there to experience. It can be a bit trickier to please the crowds there, which forces me become a better DJ.

JA: What’s one record that will make you dance no matter when you hear it?

 NGHTMRE: Haha maybe Daft Punk stuff. Around the world or Get Lucky always make me groove.

JA: How have you dealt with your stage fright? Is it starting to become more manageable considering the amount of shows you’re playing nowadays?

NGHTMRE: At first I would just not say anything on the microphone during my sets. Slowly I realized that everyone at the show is there to see/hear/interact with you anyway, so no matter what you do or say, they will respond. Once I got past that and got comfortable talking on the mic, things got a lot easier.

JA: What was your highlight of 2015?

NGHTMRE: Probably playing Lollapalooza in Chicago. I had no idea what to expect going into the show. I was on a smaller stage and was planning on having about 500-1000 people come to my show. 7500 people showed up and it was the shortest but craziest set I’ve had all year.

JA: What are 3 plugins that you couldn’t live without?

NGHTMRE: Serum, Spire, Oxford Inflator

JA: Any Australian artists we should watch out for?

NGHTMRE : Not any that you guys don’t already know! I love Wave Racer, Alison Wonderland, Flume. We had some really great remixes to my track “Aftershock” from some Australian groups, definitely keep an eye out for Odd Mob and Moss!







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