George Untz & Pandah – For The Heat (Sweetland Remix)

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George Untz & Pandah – For The Heat (Sweetland Remix)

Local Melbourne outfit Houses In Motion have just put out their second release to their catalog titled For the Heat; this time coming from the two label heads George Untz and Pandah. The release see’s Stoney Roads Records own Sweetland putting a techno spin on the original to round out the release package.

The original is something of an emotional journey, as the song takes you through movements of spacial pads, pianos and arpeggiated synths while a constant chord carries the emotion through the track. For the Heat perfectly suites the mood for a late night drive home, or the back end of a DJ set for when things need to go to the depths of euphoric emotion.

Sweetland’s remix is clearly more geared towards a club/DJ set environment, as a constant throttling bass line drives right through the track, laying the foundation for more intricate sounds and rhythms to be  placed upon atop the low end. Having only used the chord progression from the original, this remix is a different perspective on the original entirely. After to speaking to Sweetland, he said “I wanted to create something of a live essence in the remix, as the vast majority of the drums was played live on the Roland TR8, and just recorded into the track”.

We look forward to future releases from the boys at Houses In Motion, as its always exciting to see local crews put out their own unique spin on electronic music and create an identity for the local underground scene.


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