The ‘Majestic Casual’ Youtube Channel Was Just Terminated

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The ‘Majestic Casual’ Youtube Channel Was Just Terminated

Popular Youtube music channel Majestic Casual has fallen prey to the video channel giant due to multiple copyright infringements.

The termination comes as a surprise for the long-standing channel that has promoted a mix of new and established artists over the years while generating millions and millions of views each month.

As of today (Tuesday) the channel is 100% terminated with a glaring red bar on an empty Youtube page stating;

“Majestic Casual has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user has posted”

As to why the channel was shut down, it could simply be an accidental copyright claim in which Youtube reacts to quickly or a move by major labels who have voiced their dissatisfaction of the video platforms monetization system which effectively locks them out of negotiation.

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Another idea, if not too far fetched would be another Youtube channel purchasing licenses to a number of original tracks and filing copyright claims to take down Majestic Casual.

In reality the channel will most likely be restored as Youtube does appreciate the bigger content curators but a definitely a hurdle for the owners who will have to jump through some serious hoops.

Their termination does open the discussion of the hundreds if not thousands of Youtube music channels and their potential future.

Should Youtube channels like these exist?


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