Premiere: Night Tales share a stunning, up-beat remix via Majestic Casual

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Premiere: Night Tales share a stunning, up-beat remix via Majestic Casual

Words by Josh Pavlou

Aussie two-piece Night Tales have delivered a stunning remix of ‘Enough’, a track from fellow label mates and Swedish electronic act The Endorphins… and we legitimately can’t get enough!

Premiered by Stoney Roads and out via Majestic Casual, this remix sits perfectly for the Australian duo, who’s penchant for catchy lyricism and stylish production is showcased exquisitely.

As the creative love child of Sydney-based artists Kamaliza Sambala (Kamaliza) and Aaron Bannie (Third Floor), there was never a doubt that Night Tales would succeed with this exciting remix. This is in part due to the pair’s vast experience in the music industry as solo artists.

The release of ‘Enough’ follows Night Tales highly anticipated debut ‘Move You’ and their sophomore release ‘Back 2 You’ which instantly garnered the attention of the international electronic music scene.

A synthesised beat shimmers throughout the track, symbolic of the relaxed undertones of any Majestic Casual release that preceded it. However, Night Tales have added a deeper flair to the classic summer-house track. The Sydney-based lads have incorporated a striking baseline, more suitable for a beach doof or heaving dance-floor.

The uniquely emotive lyrics are the centrepiece of this track and enhance its listenability as the vocalist croons ‘we just can’t get enough’. Night Tales have certainly done ‘Enough’ to earn themselves radio coverage and mainstream exposure in the lead up to the European and US summer period, where they hope to exhibit their talent.

Kamaliza and Third Floor plan on developing a live show for domestic and international consumption by mid-2018 and we can expect an array of sonically pleasing house tunes to follow.

Sink your teeth into the Premiere of Night Tales’ remix of ‘Enough’ below.


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