Bicep – Just EP

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Bicep – Just EP

If you’re already a Bicep fan, their latest EP “Just” will likely become one of your favorites to date. The strapping Irish duo is a powerhouse of stylistic versatility, and this release due out May 25th on AUS Music is a daring departure from some of their funkier, bassline driven productions.

The title track “Just” smolders with subdued drumbeats, eerie, high pitched bleeps, and a dramatic melody that soars below the surface. The minimal vocal element pays tribute to the EP title, hauntingly repeating “and just the same” over and over. Overall, the arrangement of this track is pure perfection.

“Celeste” follows with a gentle elegance that is rare to find anywhere, although it certainly exists in the realm of deep house. The tribal reverberations softly give way to atmospheric synths and vocals reminiscent of Enya (yes, it’s on that level of epicness). You may have heard it featured in Scuba’s recent Essential Mix.

The third track, “Back 2 U (Tranz Mix)”, adds a bit more thump than the previous, although the sultry vocals remain consistent to carry the warm melody throughout the pulsating percussion and synths. There’s also a “(Tranz Dub)” instrumental version of this track included, which is similar but excludes the airy, Enya-inspired female vocals.

Prepare yourself for an auralgasm.


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