Seth Troxler’s Acid Future Is Coming

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Seth Troxler’s Acid Future Is Coming

London will take a journey into Seth Troxler‘s Subconscious mind on the 8th of August as he brings a special Acid House party ‘Acid Future’ to the Tobacco Dock in East London.

With a whole lot of international artists in tow the night will be anti-EDM, classically offensive to the mainstream and mind-melting for anyone through the doors and into the dark and smokey room with a lot of flashing lights.

“On August 8th we are paying homage to London’s acid house history and heritage by throwing a giant warehouse party at Tobacco Dock, but rather than looking backwards we’re looking forward, inviting artists from all over the world which I feel embody the spirit acid house in 2015.”

“First, we invite you to enter into a bye-gone era. A place where dance music was fresh and new. Where late nights turned into bright new days of inspiration and opportunity.

You remember that first time you went to a party don’t you? Your friends dragging you along…you, unsure if they might be crazy. As you approach an un-assuming warehouse, you hear the faint thumping of bass piercing the nights silence…”

Sounds out of sight! Watch the ‘that was then / this is now’ trailer below –

Any readers that want to catch details for the event click right here 


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