Interview: Saint WKND – Positive Vibe

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Interview: Saint WKND – Positive Vibe

After a string of online success from remixes of M83, Zhu and Chet Faker, the 20 year old German producer Saint WKND is at it again with the release of his own original ‘Positive Vibes’. True to its name ‘Positive Vibe’ is a fun-filled house jam with a teasing breakdown. Saint WKND finds the balance between summer jam and nightclub burner. With an emphasis on the songs crispy snaps and clicks, the track sits somewhere between a Disclosure-like house jam and a Kygo-esque tropical vibe. Expect this track to be doing the rounds in Miami right now.

The release is part of the latest compilation from Big Beat Records, Big Beat Ignition Miami 2015. We caught up with Saint WKND to get to know a bit more about this German wonder-kid.

SR: Tell us a bit about yourself?

SW: I am Max, DJ & Producer as SAINT WKND, 20 years old, born and raised in Germany. I am always trying to spread the good vibes. And when I’m not sitting in the Studio or being on tour I am exploring the world on my longboard and doing design stuff, artworks and photography.

SR: You have gained some serious online attention due to your previous remixes of Chet Faker, Zhu and M83. All three tracks share similarities and offer your signature sound, but are all presented in different tempos. Is this something your fans can expect from your productions in the future?

SW: I would say always expect the unexpected! There are so many genres and subgenres of genres. I am open for adventures – not focusing on certain rules. Transporting emotions/feelings and a message is more important for me. I am always evolving and exploring and trying to put it in a big picture. So when it comes to live shows I love to present my own tuned and try to mix it in a perfect blender. Mixes are a bit like telling a story.

SR: Your latest track Positive Vibe is out now on Big Beat. Tell us how that track came about?

SW: I wrote that track in the early spring days in 2014. I was messing around with my synth and damn. It just went with the flow. I really loved the message of positive vibes ya know? This sound is not meant to be dead serious. It’s a sound reflecting on those beach days, just simply having a good day.

Saint WKND X2

SR: How did you get it signed with Big Beat? And how did it feel that a major label was willing to throw their support at you.

SW: I have to say that I am extremely happy to work with such a great team who is there for me, helping me with everything so I can focus on the creative side such as music and artworks and those stuff. Working with a major label now feels like the next step. I am really happy that it’s Big Beat because I admire all their artists.

SR: What’s next in 2015? Do you have any more releases coming out?

SW: Yes! I am working on a Remix Saint Hotel so it’s like Saint meets Saint-thing. And the next Original-Track “Lost” is on it’s way to get released on Spinnin’ Deep. I am currently working on a vocal version of that track. Also starting a Mixtape-Series is something I’d love to do for 2015. Finding new gems and supporting artists.

SR: How about touring?

SW: I really love travelling and showing my music to the crowds. So touring is really playing a big part for 2015. I would like to tour the world as much as possible, showcasing my music and making the crowd go crazy. We are currently planning to set up the US and Australia-Tour. Fingers crossed! That would be so amazing to have a good time with the Aussies!

SR: What can your fans expect from your live sets? Are you performing DJ sets? or do you have a live show in the works?

SW: I am playing DJ-Sets currently and I am really enjoying it. Playing my own productions as much as possible and getting feedback is amazing! But a Live-Performance is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now and is definitely a DO in the long run!

SR: What songs are influencing you right now?

SW: Everything from Daft Punk. And I am really diggin’ the old school stuff at the moment. Like Cool and The Gang and James Brown.


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