What’s better than new Louisahhh! and Maelstrom?

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What’s better than new Louisahhh! and Maelstrom?

That’s right folks, your favourite Bromance homies Louisahhh!!! and Maelstrom are set to drop a brand new EP next week on Feb 23. To get the party started, they’ve released a thumping RAVE MIX of the title track, ‘Friction.’

With a finger always on the pulse, Brodinski’s Bromance Records are renowned tastemakers in the techno world, and this release is only testament to that. Combining a throbbing, deep beat and hollow snares with Louisahhh’s sultry vocals, it’s dark, it’s dirty and it’s very very cool.

Let’s hope that they’re heading back to Australia for a tour some time soon. We had a chat with the pair last time around about our lock out laws, musical soulmates and keeping fit.

Bromance head dojo Brodinski is also looking down the barrel of his ‘BRAVA’ album with two tracks already streaming online. Who’s hyped for it? We are!

‘Friction’ EP Tracklist:

1. ‘Friction’ (Original Mix)
2. ‘Body Music’ (Original Mix)
3. ‘Friction’ (Rave Mix)
4. ‘Body Music’ (Acid Dub)
5. ‘Cage’


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