Modeselektor: Siriusmo, kangaroos and music

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Modeselektor: Siriusmo, kangaroos and music

Ahead of their Australian tour, where they’ll touch down in Melbourne and Sydney, with a short stop off in New Zealand, Modeselektor sat down with us for 5 minutes. It isn’t very long so we made sure we got in all the important questions, like whether they want to eat a kangaroo, if there are any new albums in the mix and what their plans are with Sirisumo for 2015.

Modeselektor and Siriusmo touring together this year? Moderiusmo? It sounds like too much fun. What are those shows going to be like? Is Siriusmo a good therapist to you?

The project is called SIRIUSMODESELEKTOR and the shows will be wild, a nice mixture of Siriusmo´s and our sound, accompanied by our friends from Pfadfinderei. More info on this will drop by the end of February, stay tuned.

So the last time you were supposed to come to Australia in 2012 you had to cancel the show (sad faces everywhere) and this time everyone is super excited to have you back for real! Are you excited about finally coming down here? 

We are happy to come to AUZ, unfortunately we didn´t manage to add any shows to our tours in the last couple of years, so this year´s stop in Down Under will be quite special.

Have you ever eaten kangaroo? You’ve eaten lots of German sausage… maybe it’s time to try some kangaroo sausage?

Kangaroo sausage does sound interesting…

You are both very different to each other, yet you seem to compliment one another so well (opposites attract, of course). What is your favourite thing about one another?

Gernot: Szary has an incredible temper. Especially in the studio this helps a lot, because he will wrap his head around stuff I´ll get sick and tired of.
Szary: Gernot is a happy and very motivated man, who will always finish what he started. We have been friends since our early childhood and over the years you always adapt to each other.

Everyone knows that Modeselektor and Thom Yorke are fans of one another, collaborate with one another but do Modeselektor and Thom Yorke hang out? Play playstation? Does Thom Yorke come to your shows?

All of us are incredibly busy, just hanging out is not possible due to time issues. We toured together and he visited us in the studio to work on our last record, and sometimes we would go and eat something together or just have a chat between studio sessions.

Let’s talk music – the last Modeselektor album was in 2011. Can we expect a new album in 2015? Will we hear new or even unreleased music at the Australian shows at all?

At the moment we are not planning on recording a new MDSLKTR record, but we will tour with Siriusmo as SIRIUSMODESELEKTOR in the summer and it´s a lot of work. Keep in mind that it will be three different artists on stage, of which each one will bring different qualities.

Everyone is looking for that one rare release on vinyl that they can never seem to find. It’s not online, it’s not at any stores and they’re worried they’ll just be rummaging forever. If a genie granted you 1 release on vinyl for you to own forever, what would it be and why?


Tour Dates

Thursday 12th February: The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne (Tix here)
Friday 13th February: The Hi-Fi Bar, Sydney (Tix here)
Saturday 14th February: Studio, Auckland, NZ (Tix here)


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